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The paper "Analysis of Marketing Strategies for Pay Channels in China Article" discusses that the article is of significance to today’s business world as it demonstrates the marketing strategies of different pay channels in China and provides statistical data of their impact on the Chinese TV market…
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Analysis of Marketing Strategies for Pay Channels in China Article
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Marketing Strategies for Pay Channels in China
The article titled “Marketing Strategy of Pay Channels,” coauthored by Fanbin Zeng and Xiaoging Yang, deals with the development of pay channels in China and illustrates the relevant strategies for their promotion in the country. It provides valid information on the marketing of TV channels in the country that can be useful both for students in marketing and professionals working in the field.
While emphasizing the need for constantly improving the “quality of the content” the articles contends that pay channels also need to adopt an appropriate “marketing strategy” (Zeng & Yang, 2012, p.46). It identifies the two methods of prevailing marketing such as “integration platform,” which encompasses the unification of packages, images, publicity and selling and promotion by the channel itself (p.46).
The article further emphasizes the need for formulating a “flexible marketing strategy” in the case of pay channel to retain existing customers and to expand into new customer bases (p.46). It also discusses the relevant theories of marketing with an explication on 4Ps and 4Cs and also illustrates the need for pay channels for establishing a “consumer-centered marketing concept” (p.47). It further underlines the significance of TV operators, who have the crucial role as the link between “supply and demand” (p.48).
The authors provide comprehensive information about various strategies being adopted by different service providers such as China DTV Media Inc Ltd and Weibo. In addition, they also identify the marketing strategies being adopted by these channels such as increasing the number of channels and improving their quality. Further, some channels also adopt a strategy of ensuring that “the competitive advantage of their product” is maintained by providing one more channel in their package to “compare to (their) competitors” (p.49).
The article is of significance to today’s business world as it demonstrates the marketing strategies of different pay channels in China and provides statistical data of their impact on the Chinese TV market. It further discusses the present problems being encountered by pay channels in the country and delineates the development strategy such as pursuing “different kinds of sales approach,” reducing subscription fee, advertisements, improving customer service system and providing “free preview” to expand the “scope of publicity” (50).
The authors also illustrate how pay channels can make best use of specific user groups by increasing subscription rates for specific audience. For example, they illustrate that the channels increase the rates for sports and adult content to “$50 per month” while the subscription for the standard programs is maintained at “$10 per month to $15 per month” (p.50). Such information can enlighten the professionals in marketing field how special services to an elite clientele can increase the marketability of their products.
Similarly, the article delineates the significance of offering free previews of programs for a short period in marketing the channel, such as “HBO’s great work Game of Thrones” and the sports events of “some dibble seeding channels” (p.50). Overall, the content of the article can be of material use for the academic community as well as those who are engaged with the industry both as professionals and entrepreneurs as it provides information from the perspectives of content and technology deployed.

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Zeng, F. & Yang, X (2012). Marketing Strategy of Pay Channels. Asian Social Science, Vol.8 (15): pp.46-52. Canadian Center for Social Science Education. Read More
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