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One of the lessons that we can learn from Rosa Park and apply to our modern life is the need for people to have courage and do the right things, based on their beliefs. This does not necessarily mean that people should demonstrate or boycott their work once they experience a…
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What can we learn from Rosa Parks
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What We Learn from Rosa Parks One of the lessons that we can learn from Rosa Park and apply to our modern life is the need for people to have courage and do the right things, based on their beliefs. This does not necessarily mean that people should demonstrate or boycott their work once they experience a conflict but rather to have the self-drive to initiate change in the society (Theoharis 45).
Another lesson that we can learn is the need to try, always, to improve the quality of human life in our environments. Although this may not be to a magnitude of Park’s work, every positive effort will affect someone’s life positively. Additionally, there is need for the modern society to understand that the dark past of racism took a lot of effort and time to deal away with. People, therefore, should learn to advocate for equality in the society (Theoharis 46).
How Rosa Park conformed to the African American Model of Success
Rosa Park conformed to the African American model of success through learning, which enlightened her, on what African Americans were going through. She then used this enlightenment to fight for the rights of black people. During this time, most of the African Americans who were fighting for equal rights for all Americans were scholars. Having been brought up in a poor family, Park joined other activists such as Martin Luther King and Rev. Ralph Abernathy to form the Montgomery Improvement Association. When Park was arrested, her fellow activists used this movement to advocate for equal rights to all people in America by planning the Montgomery Bus Boycott. She therefore transformed into the model through her education and activism (Theoharis 48).
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Theoharis, Jeanne. The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks. Boston, MA: Beacon Press, 2013. Print. Read More
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