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Assistant - Essay Example

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The first step is to study about the employment laws. The second step is to conduct a position analysis. A person has to learn the description of the job. The third step is to issue the vacancy announcement. Additionally, there is…
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Extract of sample "Assistant"

Human Resource Management There are nine steps in the selection process. The first step is to study about the employment laws. The second step is to conduct a position analysis. A person has to learn the description of the job. The third step is to issue the vacancy announcement. Additionally, there is preparation of application screening criteria. The fourth step is to prepare the interview questions. During the fifth step, there is conduction of initial screening interview and screen applications. Interview takes place in step six. During the seventh step, there is making of the selection decision. Orientation is done on the eighth step. In the ninth step, there is a probationary period.
There are various external sources of recruitment. In order to select the high-level staff, there is a need for management consultants. Public advertisements are another external source. Additionally, campus recruitment is another external source. Recruiting individuals based on recommendations is another source. Deputation personnel are another external source (Tanabe, 2014).
There are five internal sources of recruitment. Promotions, transfers, internal advertisements, retired managers and recall from long leave are internal sources of recruitment. The internal sources are reliable and often motivate the employees.
Selection interviews select the people fit for the job. The types of selection interviews are situational interviews, job-related interviews, psychological interviews, and competency interviews. The most common questions in the selection interview are; what do you have to offer us?, what do you need?, what appeals about the job? and tell us about yourself (University of Oregon, 2014).
There are four selection tests. They include performance tests, intelligence test, personality test, and interests test. They are useful in weeding out candidates, providing information about qualities of prospective employees, and the tests are unbiased methods of selecting candidates (North Dakota state university, 2014).
North Dakorta State University. (2014). Management: Recruitment and Selection. Human resource management, 1-4.
University of Oregon (2014). Guidelines for Recruitment and Selection. Human resources, 1-5.
Tanabe, K. (2014). How to Answer the 10 Most Common Interview Questions. Supercollege, 1-4. Read More
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