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Great Wall Golf & country Club - Case Study Example

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Topic:  Great Wall Golf & country Club The Great Wall Golf & Country Club opened in China in 1996. Its mission was to be one of the best golfing clubs in China. Other features and facilities at Great Wall included five-star resorts, luxury detached villas, swimming pools, tennis courts, driving ranges, play areas for children and transportation facilities for drives on modern highways…
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Great Wall Golf & country Club
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Download file to see previous pages The development of Great Wall was intended to integrate the hotels and sports facilities with business and convention functions in the form of one modern community. Some of the key Human Resource policies at Great Wall include job design, change management, recruitment and selection, training and development, recognition and rewards, communication, managing discipline and retirement and termination. Great Wall has managed to achieve its staffing needs but staff retention is a larger problem. Therefore Great Wall employs various HRM practices which help in achieving its strategic goals. The goal of Great Wall is to not just maintain its status but also to evolve, grow and get better. It has therefore defined several strategic goals like business results, customer loyalty, employee loyalty and core competency/effectiveness which it aims to achieve in future. 1. How do the HRM practices at Great Wall fit together strategically?  Great Wall’s core goal is to provide high quality service to each of its employees as well its customers. High class and successful Chinese business people, their spouses and guests expected a high quality service in order to compensate for the premium prices they paid as membership dues. Delivery of such high quality services was very challenging because such facilities were very difficult to access in China which could be easily available elsewhere. Therefore this situation made the need of friendly, responsive and high quality service more crucial. Great Wall deploys various training and development programs in its organizational structure whose aim is to provide practical and language training to its employees which help them gain self confidence and instills in them a service-oriented mindset. Managers are responsible for training staff in their departments. This reiterates the Group philosophy and mission and also results in longer employee retention and higher employee satisfaction. This ultimately leads to providing high quality service to everyone. Apart from providing transportation, meals, accommodation and recreational activities to its employees, Great Wall also provides non-monetary incentives such as English lessons, medical plans, comfortable housing, good food environment, security and entertainment. Also, working conditions and environment are far more pleasing at the resort and golf club of Great Wall than in the industrial settings. This helps in gaining employee confidence who would give his best to provide high quality service to its customers. Great Wall also conducts reward giving sessions for its managerial staff as well as rank and file employees wherein employees are appreciated and rewarded for performing well. For managerial recognition, the executive committee recently introduced a managerial bonus structure which involves a bonus accompanied by an increment in salary. The reward system for rank and file employees includes the “Employee of the month” award which recognizes the employee’s achievement and provides him with financial reward of one month’s salary. Achievers and star performers are invited to a party each month and their photographs are hung at a place where they can be conveniently viewed by guests and all visitors at the club. For ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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