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The working shift in the ward is at evening. Every individual despite having experiences want to have a bachelor degree so does George. The time of bachelor course was at evening. Due…
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Case 3 Introduction George has twelve years of experience as a registered nurse in Harmony Hill Memorial Hospital. The working shift in the ward is at evening. Every individual despite having experiences want to have a bachelor degree so does George. The time of bachelor course was at evening. Due to sexual and gender orientation, the position at morning shift has been filled by supervisor. This essay will discuss about the solution of the issue.
The application of ethical and ideal legal practice to hire employees is to provide every employee chance to show their best attribute and choose the best that can carry out effectively allocated activity. During the hiring process, it is pivotal to identify the skills required to fill the position and neglect favoritism in hiring method. It is right for George to report against unethical and favoritism activity (Arnold, Arnold & Venessa, 2010). It is pivotal for George to report against the matter to the authority who can take necessary steps to provide credible solution and nullify the issue. Report submitted by George must provide necessary action against the supervisor.
The recruitment and selection procedure must be consistent and fair. The recruitment process must be legally defensible and it can be ensured by developing proper person specification and job description to provide the description of the role of the employees required. This orders as to be supported by every hierarchy level, managers and supervisors (Anonymous, 2011). Every employee wants to be ensured fairness and this can be created by consistency of administration. This can help to create fair recruitment process that can help employee like George to feel part of hospital.
The nursing supervisor of George has already filled position despite of having experienced nurse like George. This is sense of favoritism can strain the morale of workplace environment. Many of supervisors tend to show favoritism by gender and sexual orientation and even they do not recognize the negative impact of favoritism (Calvasnia, Calvasnia & Calvasnia, 2008). In-depth training and guidance must be recommended to supervisors to diminish the rate of favoritism in hospital. There must be transparency on any workplace and supervisor must be transparent to take any necessary step for the benefit of organization.
The concern of George on fear of termination or retaliation can be negotiated in certain steps. Firstly, George must analyze the reason behind the favoritism. Secondly, talk to other colleagues regarding the issue. Then report to hierarchy of the hospital regarding the issue. Then take necessary step to fight for the right to make hiring process credible (Hollier, 2009). This can remove the fear of termination from the mind of George.
The department in an organization enables to report relationships, organize employees, and provide best support to fulfill the goal of organization. The human resource department fit in to the scenario when there is diminish of guiding principles. Supervisor of George does not follow the guiding principles, vision and values of company (Mueller & Baum, 2011). This creates a job of human resource department to ensure that supervisors follow the norms and regulation that can help to maintain successes in organization.
It can be concluded that the effect of gender and sexual orientation on the decision of supervisor can be nullified by imposing guidelines and training. This can benefit George to reduce the fear of termination and complete the needed Bachelor degree successfully.
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