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Assignment Week 8: Final Paper - Essay Example

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The emergence of enterprise resource planning and systems has brought major developments in human resources (HR) management and human resource information systems (HRIS). Moreover, HRIS has become crucial in the focus of management of professionals who try to create new…
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Assignment Week 8: Final Paper
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Download file to see previous pages e that the development of HRIS has contributed greatly to changes in the ways human resource managers operate their company duties and general processes of managing companies operations. Besides, HR and HRIS, offers a balanced approach into dealing with IT (information technology)/IS (information systems) issues by establishing experts in both areas who enable effective ways of dealing with human resources personnel and other vital aspects of human resources information systems (Walker, 2003). Additionally, this paper explores the options that HRIS offers such as online solution to data entry, data information needs of human resources, management, payroll, accounting functions and data tracking through the use of human resource information systems. The use of the aspects above has brought changes in the way human resource managers operate company issues and developments in their operations across the globe. Human resources information systems is a wide range of technological development that has enabled major changes in human resources developments, especially in companies across the multinational companies. Therefore, the major technological development discussed in this paper through the use of human resource information system, is data tracking information machine using computers and highly qualified technological experts across the world. Walker (2003) suggests that the use of data tracking systems, through the use of human resource information systems gives employees an opportunity to save time and cost of data retrieval and, therefore, large amount of data can be retrieved and used in companies without necessarily applying any physical effort. Consequently, the use of data tracking systems is important for e-recruiting, e- selection, self service and human resource portals, e-learning and training and finally, performance management. All these applications are effectively possible, through the use of human resource information systems (data tracking systems) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Assignment Week 8: Final Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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