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It is vital to note that this paper provides a significant set of concepts on how a computer system can be exposed to either internal or external security threats. To be precise, the main point behind is about monitoring and surveillance of computer security threats. On this…
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Week 2 Academic Paper
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Academic paper review - Computer Security Threat Monitoring and Surveillance It is vital to that this paper providesa significant set of concepts on how a computer system can be exposed to either internal or external security threats. To be precise, the main point behind is about monitoring and surveillance of computer security threats. On this basis, it goes ahead to addressing major types of computer security threats along with proposals on different mitigation techniques. In general, this paper provides a considerable enlightenment on how to perform improvised computer security auditing and surveillance capabilities on computer systems (Anderson, 1980).
It is important to clarify that this paper adds immense value to the operations of the research body of knowledge and to the cyber security community. This is by enlightening them on a number of common threats and how they can be mitigated. It also provides a well-defined auditing approach, which focuses on sorting of audit records based on legitimate and Clandestine users. Lastly but certainly not the least, it goes ahead to outlining a quality structure of a computer security surveillance system, which is very important in enhancing data security in a cyber-network (Anderson, 1980).
Regardless of the benefits, there is a considerable number of weaknesses on this paper and they include lack of clear explanation on how data encryption will be implemented in the integration of surveillance subsystems. It also has a weakness particularly on monitoring vulnerability in a computer network connection (Westby, 2004). Instead, it only outlines computer security monitoring on the individual computer users and files.
Anderson, J. (1980). Computer Security Threat Monitoring and Surveillance, James P. Retrieved from
Westby, J. (2004). International guide to cyber security. Chicago, Ill.: ABA Publ. Read More
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