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The process of creating interactive training that will increase sales for our company began by analysing the current ability of the company’s sales force to sell our products. I have carried out a thorough process with the primary of aim of identifying performance gaps among…
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MGMT438 U4P Training Needs
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Sales Representatives Training Sales Representatives Training From Human Resource Manager To Sales Manager RE: PROPOSEDTRAINING OF NEW SALES REPRESENTATIVES
Needs Analysis
The process of creating interactive training that will increase sales for our company began by analysing the current ability of the company’s sales force to sell our products. I have carried out a thorough process with the primary of aim of identifying performance gaps among our sales force; the results from the analysis have been applied in designing and developing a training program that will enable the company’s salespersons develop the skills and knowledge they require for effective performance. The performance gaps I have identified among the sales force include:
1. The salespersons do not have proper knowledge of the company’s products. They cannot comprehensively explain product performance, maintenance and quality to the customers.
2. Ability to explain the products is limited among the sales representatives. This is caused by the limited knowledge of the products that the salespeople posses.
Objectives of the Training Program
By the end of the program, the salespersons will be able to:
1. Comprehend the pertinent features of the product in terms of quality, performance and maintenance.
2. Explain the company’s product to the customers and ensure that customers have a clear understanding of the features of the product.
3. Instructional Strategies
The training facilitators will use lecture method and videos during training sessions. The lecture method will involve presenting the theoretical concepts of salesmanship to the new salespeople. The content here will include introduction to sales, theories of sales, strategies for approaching customers, and ways of explaining product features to customers. The videos will play real scenarios as they happen in real sales contexts. The training will also use discussion method; these will enable participants to share ideas and facilitate exchange of knowledge and experiences. There will be a final hands-on exam for evaluating the salespeople.
The training program will take place between May 15th 2015 and May 22nd 2015. The venue of the training will be Acacia Hotel. The training program will be delivered in the seminar mode.
Trainee Plan
Trainees will be required to be the employees of the company.
The entire training will last for eight days. There will be six facilitators, both from the company and experts from consultant companies. The trainees will be required to sign in their names as they enter the training room.
Pre-course communication
Interested participants will receive emails invitation at least ten days prior to commencement of the training. The participants will be required to confirm their availability by replying to the email.
Tracking information
Trainees who successfully pass the hands-on examination will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the training program.
Daily Time Schedule
Each day’s training will take eight hours as shown in the table below:
Begin the Training
10 minutes
20 minutes
2 hrs
Training session
30 minutes
Tea break
2 hrs
Training session
1 hr
Lunch break
1 hr 30 minutes
Training session
30 minutes
Sales force training will be evaluated on all facets of the sales cycle. Evaluating will be based on the following indicators:
1. The number of new customers acquired by each sales person
2. Quantity of sales per salesperson
3. Sales volume per customer segment managed by an identified salesperson
4. The quantity of repeat purchases each sales person creates
5. The extent of customer satisfaction as indicated in customer survey reports
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