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Selection Tests: Advantages and Potential Problems - Research Paper Example

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The organization is responsible for recruiting the right employees through appropriate selection process. Organizations use tests to identify various features, which cannot be seen…
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Selection Tests: Advantages and Potential Problems
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Download file to see previous pages The selection tests are also not reliable in testing the anxiety of the applicant as it make them anxious when confronted; an obstacle that is likely to eliminate them from consideration. ( Thesis)
Selection test has a common goal of properly matching people with jobs and organizations. It helps in recognizing the job related skills and attitude of a candidate and deficiencies in other techniques. The selection tests are structured in a manner to identity the aptitude, attitude, skill and intelligence of an interviewee. However, if the selection test is not standardized then outcomes can be biased and inconsiderate to the applicant. Selection test has an advantage of giving accurate measure of the skill and ability of the applicant. But if not compatible with the psychology of the applicant then the results can be unfavourable to the interviewees.
Although research has indicated that customized tests are reliable and accurate in predicting job performance, there are potential problems with using selection tests. For instance, selection tests may be accurate in predicting a potential employee’s ability to perform the work, but they are not effective in indicating the degree to which the person will be motivated to perform the job (R. WayneMondy, 2012). Although customized selection tests can be reliable, cost factor can make the organization reluctant to employ it. Selection does predict the ability and skill of an applicant to perform a job but they are less successful due to the reason that it creates anxiety among applicants.
Test anxiety has been a potential problem of selection tests as it limits the applicant can perform during interviews. Many a times, the skilled applicants get anxious enough to lose their opportunity to get consideration from the selection panel. As per (Proost,2008,pg.15-28)“Selection test anxiety might lower ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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