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As a leader one should be able to guide and organize his or her team in an appropriate manner. Apart from acting as a role model to the members of the team, a good leader must be…
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1. Leadership and Transformation 2. Reflective Journal
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Running head: leadership and transformation, reflective Journal 8th May Introduction Leadershipentails the process of supporting others in order to accomplish a particular task. As a leader one should be able to guide and organize his or her team in an appropriate manner. Apart from acting as a role model to the members of the team, a good leader must be honest, able to delegate management duties, able to communicate effectively, committed, confidence and have a positive attitude. This paper aims at discussing how my transformational experience illustrate the leadership concepts from this unit, how the transformational experience influence me as a leader and manager as well as skills one can acquire from a transformational experience or critical incident.
Transformational story
My transformation has significantly been impacted by this unit. I have realized that a leader should be someone who acts as a role model to other members of his team. Thus, my focus has been to come up with effective strategies that encompass the contribution of all the team members. In this way, I have modeled them in such a way that once they attain a position of becoming a leader they will also create a strong team (Hemphill, 1949). Based on my objective of creating a strong team work, my communication with members of my team has always been open. This implies that I provide my team members with opportunities to provide feedback. In this way, I have been transformed from talking too much to a good listener (Schultz, et al. 2010). In this way, other members of the team can comment and possibly give an idea on how to address a certain issue either affecting the entire team or an individual member (Robert, 2002). As indicated in this unit, a good leader should recognize and reward hardworking team members who attain their goals. Individually, I have been transformed in the sense that I can set my own goal as well as those of the other team members (House, 1971). I promote and reward any member who achieves his or her goals while those who do not perform I train them on how to undertake their duties.
Reflective journal
As a leader, the transformational experience will influence me as a leader and a manager in various ways. First, my management strategy will now be democratic. In this way, I will be in a position to provide my team members with ample ground whereby they will be part and parcel of the organization (Montana and Bruce, 2008). Another aspect that I will emulate as a manager is to provide the team members with an opportunity to develop (Lussier and Achua, 2010). Apart from allowing them to attend part time leadership courses, I will initiate an in house training program where I will personally train the team members about communication skills, business management, public relation and techniques of marketing among other aspects (Van et al, 2007). The transformational experience will also make me to be respectful to others. Based on their significant contributions, each staff member must be respected and be provided with an opportunity to give feedback.
From a transformational experience or critical incident, one can acquire a number of skills. For instance, I was able to acquire skills on how to make the employees accept and support a change once it occurs within an organization (Hersey et al, 2008). Similarly, one is able to acquire extensive management skills which are vital for the success of any organization. Being the most important assets in an organization, employees must be effectively managed not only by training them but also by giving them flexible benefits that will motivate them thus leading to improved performance (Forsyth, 2009). Another notable skill that one can acquire is public relations (PR) skills that are important in creating a good reputation for a firm (Miltenberger, 2004). PR is also a major marketing tool that a marketer as well as a manager must posses.
From the above discussion it is clear that the unit has not only transformed me to be an effective leader who values his team members but also it has made me to become a good manager. Provision of opportunities for employee’s development through training and promotion as a means of rewarding the workers are some of the major ways through which the transformational experience will influence me as a leader. Additionally, major skills that one can acquire from a transformational experience or critical incident include how to make the employees accept a change, management skills and public relations.
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