Develop creative/ innovative problem-solving techniques Identify ways to resolve intergroup conflict Identify important factors in building effective teams - Essay Example

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These are left-brain persons. In the opinion of the writer’s assessment, the writer possesses a greater percentage of the mentioned…
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Develop creative/ innovative problem-solving techniques Identify ways to resolve intergroup conflict Identify important factors in building effective teams
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Extract of sample "Develop creative/ innovative problem-solving techniques Identify ways to resolve intergroup conflict Identify important factors in building effective teams"

Developing innovative problem-solving techniques Developing innovative problem-solving techniques What Type of ThinkerInnovative problem solvers must always think logically, act rationally and thoroughly in dealing with matters of organizational importance. These are left-brain persons. In the opinion of the writer’s assessment, the writer possesses a greater percentage of the mentioned qualities qualifying the writer as a left-brain person who would always like to achieve results. The writer finds it quite easier working with teams who are thorough at work and result oriented.
Risk Assessment Summary
Team Player Test
While undertaking the writer’s part as a team player, the writer is never affected by criticisms from another team member because she takes such criticisms as positive and would, therefore, build her capability to work with persons of diverse characters. In addition, the writer find it greatest strength whenever she fits in any group where there are a diversity of ideas because it builds her ability to withstand rejection and negative feedback by those she work with as part of the groups endeavour to excel.
Team Roles Test
The writer has no difficulties working with any team of workers in efforts that are geared towards problem solving. Goal setting and internalization of the same is a matter of utmost concern while working in a team. This will ensure a consolidation of ideas for a major constructive agenda. The capability to manage different chores, goals and objectives within the set guidelines contribute towards realization of a team’s mission. However, a good number of setbacks sometimes limit the pace at which these goals are realised. For instance, poor interpersonal skills, inability to resolve group or team conflicts, ineffective means of communication, insufficient planning and coordination skills and individual work preferences need thorough improvements. The results concerning individual behaviour and group indicate that people often have immense potential to succeed. A score of 68 and 81 for individual and team respectively indicates that working as a team yields immensely in terms of achievement of goals and objectives.
Factors for effective team work
There is need to embrace cultural diversity, personality as well as culture. This is a prerequisite for creative and innovative group or team thinking (Rahim, 2011). These can be achieved by respecting and supporting diversity of cultures for easy problem solving and innovation.
Effective Communication
Effective teams are a product of effective and open communication. Members of a group should be accorded equal treatment by those who lead the teams or groups. For effective communication to be realised, firms ought to design proper organizational communication protocols detailing which communication channel to use and when communication should take place.
Effective leadership is a necessity for a strong teamwork. Therefore, leaders ought to support every team member through effective team coordination and encouragements. Such encouragements should be geared towards letting individual members of the group contribute ideas without fear of discernment or victimization.
How to resolve conflicts
“Conflicts may either yield constructive or destructive results based on the intervention approach adopted by conflicting parties” (Rahim, 2011). The following approaches are used to resolve conflicts.
Win-Lose approach
This is a situation where one conflicting side wins and the other loses. This can be decided through anonymous vote, legal intervention or by an overall leader.
Lose-Lose approach
This is a case where the conflicting parties are forced to reach a compromising state of affairs (Hodgetts, 1980). Each of the parties has to pave partial way for the other so that no party loses or gains all.
Win-Win approach
This is a case where parties reach a collaborative problem solution such that the conflict itself is viewed as a common enemy to solve rather than a fight for supremacy (Hagar, 2012).
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Rahim, M. A. (2011). Managing conflict in organizations: New Brunswick NJ: Transaction. Read More
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