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The Strauss Car Rental Company has numerous firm is an enterprise that appears to have made significant steps towards becoming a well established corporation. However, it appears to be based on old-style methods of management which do not include the implementation of reward management systems (Armstrong 2006)…
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The Strauss Car Rental Company. Reward management strategy
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, it does not appear that a viable reward management system can be established by the human resources department, which is supposed to be in charge of matters concerning the treatment of workers, before changes are made in terms of communication between the senior management and ordinary workers. Kevin Pietersen, who has been in charge of the human resources department at Strauss, has not been emphatic in insisting that the company’s Board begin to consider the human resources company as a serious contributor to the goals of the company. From the information provided, human resources officials are not even invited to any meetings held by the board in which members consider serious issues and decide on regulations that will be followed in the organisation.
For instance, the Strauss Car Rental’s Board is seriously considering redundancy programs and yet has not even elected to let the human resource department, which will be tasked with carrying out the practical aspects of this suggestion, know about the suggestion. Additionally, none of the workers have been informed about this, yet their lives will be irrevocably changed once this program is implemented. Kevin Pietersen, who runs the human resources department, also confirmed that the Board has decided on implementing plans without consulting the workforce, or the human resources department.
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