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Analyse wellness strategy at M&S - Essay Example

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Wellbeing at work involves the quality of life at the place of work such as occupational safety and health of the stakeholders (CIPD Employee Outlook, 2013). The wellbeing of…
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Analyse wellness strategy at M&S
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Download file to see previous pages Considering the case of Mark and Spencer (M & S) Company with many stores across the UK and 82, 000 employees, there is evidence the welfare of the employees is very important to ensure that the company grows. The company used to provide important service and meals to its employees to maintain their health. According to the company’s belief, a strong connection exists between employee welfare and the success of the business. Wellbeing is one of the things that impacts greatly on the employees’ engagement and the company’s productivity according to Arnold et al. (2010). The company gives health information to its employees through the companys website and advises them on lifestyle issues, and the employees’ wellbeing is on the top priority list.
However, the company experienced a decline in sales and other technical challenges leading to losses. The company concentrated too much on the employees’ wellbeing regarding their health and nutrition and neglected other important areas such as employee performance in delivering the goods to the customers. Their understanding of the wellbeing was misplaced, as there are very many factors that constitute the wellbeing of employees other than just health. The problem could be due to less supervision of the employee especially in the online business on matters concerning distribution. The employees spent most of their time concentrating on their wellbeing and reading health matters on the internet rather that concentrating on the company’s activities. The retailer’s distribution centre at Castle Dominion, Leicestershire caused most of the delays and customers raised many complaints in the social media. The intervention by the company to the delivery problem was slow showing that despite the company ensuring that the employees were comfortable; there was little employee engagement in various issues.
The company focused so much on the physical, social, and psychological issues of the employees and less on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analyse Wellness Strategy at M&S Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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