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My Apllication form - Assignment Example

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It brought many projects in the company to a standstill. My company had received a $6 million contract from a non-governmental organization from Southern Asia in a situation. The company cancelled the…
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My Apllication form
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Download file to see previous pages The employees bring the main problem on center stage, and we all find a solution to it.
The other problem I faced was internal conflicts often in my organization. There were some employees with conflicting ideas. Furthermore, some employees in FORD felt they were left behind when it came to promotion. Some wanted transfers to big retails of the company. They are very simple issues that require the skills that I leant while in college, to sort them out (Senturia, 2013 pg 1).
To solve a problem like this, I would understand deeply the problem. I would define the depth of team dynamics. After defining the depth, I would use my position as an IT expert to research on the possible causes of the problem. There are very broad causes that would come up, but I would specialize on the most likely causes (Darr, 2013 pg 8-22).
I would then review each of the results and I plan the necessary recommendations to implement. I would prepare a tally sheet to conduct a survey to establish if my plans worked as planned (Maxwell, 2009 pg 25).
There are times when I was part of a team and there was a difference of opinion. I viewed our competitors as lucky because they had no conflicts with their administration. My team lacked the skills of airing their views (Bondigas, 2014 pg 1). They opted for aggressive reactions when their issues did not take consideration.
During ICT meetings, I could differ with certain opinions that looked oppressive. They were a situation where the Human Resource manager proposed that interns should work during the holidays. It was to keep the business running in any period. Some employees and I differed with this proposal.
Furthermore, my team of IT experts differed on the opinion about installation of messaging software. The software was to assist in reducing time spent while passing information from one office to another.
I had to find a quick solution (Kennett, 2011 pg 1). I took an emotional state when ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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My Apllication Form Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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