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My ambition is to work as a human resource specialist who is charged with assisting potential workers in a large business organization. I am drawn to…
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Admissions Application For a Graduate Program 500 words
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Admissions Applications for a Graduate Program Admissions Applications for a Graduate Program Introduction I would like to apply for a certification program in Human Resources at New Jersey’s Pertocelli College of Continuing Studies. My ambition is to work as a human resource specialist who is charged with assisting potential workers in a large business organization. I am drawn to this profession because I have had a lot of experience in the work sector, and so can tell the skills that are lacking in most organizations. I have worked for fourteen years in various capacities. Once I acquired my high school diploma, I proceeded to college. However, I was not able to remain in college for long because it was too strenuous for me to keep studying, while also working during the evening. I returned to college when I was more economically stable and, at the age of 25, acquired a BA Degree. After that, I acquired a Master’s Degree in teaching social sciences.
My first exposure to the functions of human resource officials took place when I was employed as a secretary, who doubled as an administrative assistant. Since then, I have also worked in different capacities as a certified teacher, and a customer service representative. At present, I work as an administrative assistant in the Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s finance department. There are many educated individuals who are opting for a certification in human resources. Business professionals, in particular, are seeking to acquire it because it allows them to be able to work in an assortment of well paying fields. Fairleigh Dickinson University is recognized as an important institution that provides indepth certification programs for qualified professionals. Acquiring a certification will help me to be able to develop additional skills which will contribute towards acquiring job stability in my chosen career.
I would like to work in the human resources department of a large organization, in order to acquire the kind of extensive experience that can only be afforded by that kind of setting. Acquiring a certification in human resources will also allow me to be able to operate in assorted capacities. Many corporations, particularly in the international setting, require more professional, or expert human resource personnel than they have at present (Mathis & Jackson, 2010). This is because there are many corporations which have to navigate through the complexities that result from mergers, layoffs, the prospect of hiring exceptionally talented workers, and handling complicated insurance changes. The Certification program will inform me on the important aspects of management, training styles and resources, worker personality styles, and technological changes.
I thoroughly enjoy working with employees to find the best way of solving their problems. My working experience has helped me to be able to understand the basic problems that plague most workers. A certification will allow me to be able to put all the skills that I have acquired to work in areas where they are most needed. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Mathis, R., & Jackson, J. (2010). Human resource management. New York: South-Western Cengage Learning. Read More
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