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Statement of Goals into the Graduate Program of Urban and Regional Planning (Public Admin) - Admission/Application Essay Example

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However, I realized that given my personal goals and ambitions, my undergraduate degree has actually not provided me what I wanted to achieve…
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Statement of Goals into the Graduate Program of Urban and Regional Planning (Public Admin)
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Extract of sample "Statement of Goals into the Graduate Program of Urban and Regional Planning (Public Admin)"

ment of Goals I have graduated from of Central Florida with a Bachelors of Art in Political Science with minor in Public Administration. However, I realized that given my personal goals and ambitions, my undergraduate degree has actually not provided me what I wanted to achieve. Since graduating, I took time to actually better understand myself, my commitment towards certain things as well as to gain insight into the problems of others..
Over the period of time, I have volunteered for different campaigns including Kendrick Meek Campaign helping the election of Kendrick Meek. During this campaign I have spoken directly with the students and helped them realize how important it is that their voice should be heard. During this campaign I shared the ideas of Kendrick Meek and how important it is to actually have a civic involvement. I’m currently involved in volunteering for Homeless in Downtown Orlando which has actually provided me a great experience to not only improve my interpersonal skills but also to learn to manage people at various levels and help them fulfill their needs.
Over the period of time, I have also visited various countries including Spain, Belgium, Netherlands and other countries. These visits have not only allowed me to actually learn a great deal about new cultures but also offered me a great insight into developing new communities and integrate various communities together. Vising these countries have actually allowed me to learn great deal about governments operate and how socio-economic environment actually I realized that how important it is to actually involve in public and become a proven community leader to deal effectively with the issues and problems.
My personal goal to achieve this degree therefore is based upon my experience and learning which I accumulated over the period of time. I strongly feel that I want to become county commissioner of my district in Orlando and eventually. I believe in a strong nation start with a strong community economically, socially, environmentally and culturally.
My personal ambition to enroll into a degree related with urban and regional planning is therefore based upon my personal philosophy of bridging the gap between diversities. Being from minority, I want to be closest to the government to the people and be a future role model and leader for young black man.
Obtaining an advance level degree in urban and regional planning will be a key driving force to actually advance my goal of helping communities develop and build a better tomorrow. My experience and involvement has made me mature enough to actually pursue an advance degree in my chosen field and develop the expertise and skills to become voice for black community and helping them to actually integrate and develop with other communities.
UCF will be the stepping to stone to a pivotal role in my journey to civic leadership and community development I look forward every learning opportunity and struggle ahead that will define me as a graduate student at UCF and become a successful leader, role model Read More
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(Statement of Goals into the Graduate Program of Urban and Regional Admission/Application Essay)
Statement of Goals into the Graduate Program of Urban and Regional Admission/Application Essay.
“Statement of Goals into the Graduate Program of Urban and Regional Admission/Application Essay”, n.d.
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