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Sadness decreases their motivation for work, and reduces their productivity. Sad employees are not able to achieve their full potential because they are preoccupied with demotivating thoughts. Employees may…
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Emotions In the Workplace
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Emotions In the Workplace Sadness in the workplace affects the workers in negative ways. Sadness decreases their motivation for work, and reduces their productivity. Sad employees are not able to achieve their full potential because they are preoccupied with demotivating thoughts. Employees may experience these negative emotions because of a range of internal and external factors. One reason of sadness is clinical depression. “Everyone gets the blues or feels sad from time to time. However, if a person experiences these emotions intensely and for long periods of time, it may signal clinical depression, a condition that requires treatment” (ValueOptions, n.d.). Many employees experience negative emotions because of mental health disorders. “Symptoms of mental health disorders may be different at work than in other situations” (Harvard University, 2014). A controlling boss can also induce sadness in the employees. It is human nature to want autonomy and freedom. Controlling bosses make the employees feel like they work in a confined space like servants. Employees do not feel respected in such a place and thus become sad. Another very important cause of sadness is workplace accidents because they lower the moral of the employees (Franklin, 2014). Negative emotions disrupt the environment and culture of an organization. Negative emotions foster an unhealthy culture. An individual’s performance at work is just as good as the individual’s feelings about the work. Negative emotions not only affect the person who experiences them first but also others who work with him/her in the same office. Nobody likes working or dealing with a depressed, sad, or mentally ill person.
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