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What can/should businesses do to make their employees most productive - Essay Example

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What makes a positive way of thinking specifically meaningful for business is a positivistic striving for success and its idea of a…
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What can/should businesses do to make their employees most productive
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Extract of sample "What can/should businesses do to make their employees most productive"

Download file to see previous pages Yet what makes personnel work more productive is not a positive thinking upon any circumstances, but some a real job satisfaction which comes from their well-being in a workplace. Thus, the best way for business to increase employees’ productivity is not converting employees into positive thinkers, but making their work worth working.
The productivity generally comes from a job satisfaction which Locke defines as “a pleasurable or positive emotional state resulting from the appraisal of one’s job or job experiences” (Saari and Judge 396). Other words, it’s more important what worker feels when being in a workplace. Reviewing own earlier studies and studies of their colleagues, Lise M. Saari and Timothy A. Jugde even conclude that for workers to demonstrate better results a job satisfaction is “the most focal attitude” (396). Generally, what matters is “the perception of a job itself” by understanding and feeling positively about a job (Saari and Judge 396). The causes of a job satisfaction are primary originates from some real factors which are a workplace organization and environment, from social and professional relations established within a company and etc., while personal employee’s perception of events a lower profile.
Remarkably, scholars address a job satisfaction firstly to HR managers and to different executive managers whose duties imply a work process organization, what makes productivity the outcome of some real factors inner company’s environment, rather than the issue of a personal perception (Amabile and Kramer) (Barsade) (Saari and Judge). Saari and Judge admit that a job satisfaction or dissatisfaction starts with a disposition as it starts with hiring process (396). Despite that a clear psychological concept of disposition hasn’t been found yet, it’s already known that disposition has a complex influence on ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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