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Week 8: - Essay Example

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This is the case because of the emerging need to produce quality products as well as satisfy strategies customers in the highly evolving business market. Evidently,…
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Week 8:
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Extract of sample "Week 8:"

Download file to see previous pages The case study of PD aquarium is an appropriate example of an organization that combined both strategies and registered multiple benefits. This essay will offer an in-depth analysis of the case study, evaluating the efficiency of both the agile and lean strategies.
Lean strategies seek to eliminate some of the critical problems that delay the production process. Moreover, it seeks to increase communication as an effective way of ensuring that production is higher. Moreover, there is emphasis placed on the need to eliminate waste products as they present adverse effects to the production process (Elmoselhy 2013, p.599). The lean strategies have been highlighted as potential solution of improving operations in any organizations, as all businesses strive to meet the emerging stiff competition in the market. Experts have highlighted that lean strategies can ensure that an organization produces products at a relatively cheaper cost ensuring that the it can sell at favorable prices in the market. Quality is notably a core focus in the application of lean strategies ((Banomyong and Supatn (undated), p. 10).
On the other hand, the agile strategies emerged after the realization that the lean strategies presented unique limitations that forged an organization into the market, without providing ways of sustaining the organization in the specified market (Goldsby, Griffis, & Roath 2006, p. 59). In a bid to increase customer satisfaction, it became evident that new strategies are vital in meeting customer demands. Identifying the specific dimensions with the highest significance for each organization will help it make the pertinent adjustments in a bid to increase the level of loyalty and satisfaction from the customers (Banomyong and Supatn (undated), p. 3). Responsiveness is a critical consideration of the agile strategies, and denotes the willingness exhibited by the service provider in providing customers with the relevant help and prompt ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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