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Xerox has been around for a long time. It enjoys a strong cash position and brand identity. The decent pay compared to industry standards ensures that the best managers are hired…
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Salary research paper
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Information Management Manager II Information Management Manager II Step An Information Management Manager at Xerox gets a decentpay compared to the industry standards. Xerox has been around for a long time. It enjoys a strong cash position and brand identity. The decent pay compared to industry standards ensures that the best managers are hired (Peansupap, 2006).
Step 2
Xerox Corporation has several strengths. One of the strengths is a strong brand image. This means that customers trust it and thus sales are higher than those of competitors. The company is endowed with a strong research and development department meaning that it can study the market more intensely and provide the products and services that best suit the business. Moreover, it has a wide product portfolio because it offers electronics to almost all niches in the market (Al-Mubaraki, 2010).
One of the weaknesses of the market is weak financial performance, high dependence on the mature market and not emergent markets. Also, the company has a high dependence on third parties and is faced by litigation. The opportunities that the company has included acquisition Amici and XMPie, growth in small and midsized consumer markets and exploitation of the color peripherals business (Al-Mubaraki, 2010).
It faces threats from intense competition. The new EU WEEE directives and the international business risk are also threats.
Step 3
The Information Management Manager II is a job that earns $9,223.93 - $11,211.89 per month. The salary range applies throughout the County of Santa Clara in California. It is a full-time work under the department of the Valley Medical Centre. The job number is 13013644 in the Xerox Corporation. The manager should manage, coordinate and appraise the information systems found in Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospital System.
The tasks typical to this management position include developing and implementing tactical plans for information and communication technology for departments. It also covers execution and maintenance of information services projects. The manager is also supposed to provide analytical support in the evaluation of the functionality of information service structures. He should also offer unending support. This means that the manager should be understood the principles, practices as they relate with networks and electronic equipment (Renard, 2007).
Step 4
Surveys selected include Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Wage data and National Compensation Survey. Other sources of salary data are the, an online salary research service called Salary Search. WorldatWork is another association that is made up of international human resource practitioners is renowned worldwide as an authority on compensation matters (Ioannis, 2010).
Step 5
An average IT manager earns an average salary of $129,130 per annum. In 2012, IT managers received a median of $120,950 according to BLS data. The most paid manager earned in excess of $187,199 while the lowest paid earned $74,940. IT managers earn considerably more than many other technology-related jobs such as network and computers systems administrators at $76,320. Computer programmers make around $78,260. Others such as database administrators and computer systems analysts earn around $79,120 and $83,800 respectively (Renard, 2007).
Step 6
This being the case, the company should set its salaries at $130,000 per annum. This will enable Xerox to enumerate managers’ bonuses and raises. The maximum salary that such a manager can take home is $150,000. This will increase the companys capacity to recruit more staff, carry out more research and development and invest in marketing.
The money saved will be used to minimize the weaknesses of the business such as a high dependence on the mature market and non-emergent markets.
Giotopoulos Ioannis, G. F. (2010). Intra-Industry Growth Dynamics in the Greek Services Sector: Firm-Level Estimates for ICT-Producing, ICT-Using, and Non-ICT Industries. Review of Industrial Organization, 36(1), 59-74.
Hanadi Mubarak Al-Mubaraki, M. B. (2010). Business incubators models of the USA and UK: A SWOT analysis. World Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development, 335-354.
Renard, M. K. (2007). Its all About the Money: Chris and Pat Compare Salaries. Journal of Management Education, 32(2), 248-261.
Vachara Peansupap, D. H. (2006). Information communication technology (ICT) implementation constraints: A construction industry perspective. Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management, 13(4), 364-379. Read More
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