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Should Mom Stay at Home and Get a Salary from the Government - Research Paper Example

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The issue of whether mothers who stay at home should get paid has been a subject of debate for some time now. In many jurisdictions, stay at home mums are not paid by the government which means they depend on their spouses, relatives or well-wishers for their wellbeing…
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Should Mom Stay at Home and Get a Salary from the Government
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Download file to see previous pages In different forums and countries like Germany and the United States of America, the issue has been considered even by politicians and lawmakers. In the United States of America, Democratic strategist Hillary Rosen once attacked Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s wife claiming she had never worked a day in her life. This sparked a number of responses both from democrats and republicans. Mrs. Romney defended herself by stating that her choice of career was to be a mother and that the most important job is motherhood. The first lady also tweeted on the matter saying that all mothers do work hard and ought to be respected. The former first lady Barbara Bush, was not left out of the debate. According to her, the fact that Mrs. Romney chooses to stay and home and raise her five boys was not an easy thing based on her experience raising George Walker. She further emphasized that there are a number of choices to be made in life, but if someone takes the way to stay at home and be a mother, that’s worthy of respect. The Germans have also had their share in the debate, with the parliament weighing whether or not to pay mothers who choose to stay at home and take care of their children. The debate is between those who view the proposed bill as a way of encouraging more people to stay at home and those seeing as forgoing the opportunity for expansion outside childcare that is affordable. According to Havertz, the German government has struggled to match up daycare demands. In larger cities that include Munich, Humburg, and Berlin, parents have been seen booking daycare registration for their children way before their birth. Apart from the government daycare, the other preferred option is church-funded daycare, with private daycares being seen as an option only if the other two are unavailable. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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