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PaQuita Thompson Instructor Course 20 August 2011 Mom and Dad Required Because of human choices that result in divorce, unwed pregnancies, same-sex “marriages,” surrogate motherhood, and artificial insemination ? or uncontrolled circumstances such as the death of a parent – a large percentage of children in the United States are being raised without the ideal environment of having a mother and father at home…
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Mom and Dad Required
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"Mom and Dad Required"

The resounding answer to this question is “neither.” A mother and a father in the home distinctly provide their children the support, guidance, and security they need for proper and health development. Common sense, history, and research tell us that in order to provide for the healthy nurturing of a child, the care and love of both a father and mother is necessary. Despite what the politically correct media and activist groups assert, the role of neither a father or a mother in child rearing are dispensable or interchangeable, as it is impossible for the mother to extend fatherly care to a child and vice versa. Each has a distinct role in the home to which children must be exposed, and when that role is absent, youth will not receive the balanced and essential mental, emotional, and physical support they need, desire, and deserve. Soon after children are born, they rely on the father for security and on the mother for love and care. A child’s need and yearning for protection is primarily found in the presence of his or her father, who is naturally endowed with the discernment, natural disciplinary capabilities, and physical strength that gives youth a much-needed sense of security (Hall). Furthermore, the source of America’s Judeo-Christian culture ? the Bible ? also establishes the father’s crucial role in instructing his offspring: “A wise son heeds his father’s instruction,” (The NIV Study Bible, Prov. 13.1). Just as it is impossible for a mother to cultivate the same sense of security that her child would receive from his or her father, a father’s ability to provide the motherly love and support for his children is untenable, at best. The tenderness and affectionate love that a mother instinctively extends to her children cannot be replicated by a dad, as this distinct emotional bonding is critical to a child’s sound development and can only be experienced through the mother (Pianta, et al.). Without the sense of security expressly found through a relationship with a father and without the maternal love and care only administered by a mother, children will not be exposed to the essential building blocks that fully develop their intellectual, social, emotional, physical, behavioral, and moral foundation. The traditional home, where a father works and the mother looks after the children, provides the ideal living conditions and emotional support that youth need for a healthy family life. However, with single parenthood, children are deprived of the proper balance needed in the home, where one parent futilely attempts to fill the void and sustain the family’s needs. Trying to play two roles as a parent proves to be quite stressful, as single parenting requires a parent “to be a sympathetic mother plus a strict and providing father at the same time,” (Single Parenting Advice). In the nuclear family, the father acts as the police force who administers discipline in the family, but a single mom must handle the disciplinary matters and the caring needs in tandem, and it is quite difficult for her to switch these roles on and off and pretend she is both of these persons at once. Oftentimes, the child manages to identify the real face of his or her mother, making it virtually impossible for her to wear her false hat any longer. Both mothers and fathers Read More
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