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Human Relations Managing - Research Paper Example

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The author of the paper "Human Relations Managing" touches upon the human relations in business organizations. It is mentioned here that in this age of economic turmoil and workforce diversity, employee relationship is the key word that leads to organizational success…
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Human Relations Managing
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Download file to see previous pages Trade unions are a collection of individual, who join it, in order to attain freedom from varied types of unfair practices within the organization such as unfair wages, unfair environment, improper treatment etc. However, the trade unions help to the employees to attain their desires and needs through vigorous negotiation and communication with the employees of the organization. By doing so, the level of performance of the employees gets enhanced resulting in the upliftment of their productivity and performance. Apart from this, the trade unions help to maintain a good relationship among the employees thereby enhancing the rate of coordination and cooperation among them. As a result, the level of performance of the employees enhances resulting in amplification of the total productivity and reliability of the organization in the market among others. However, due to the improvement of the relationship of the employee and the employer the level of retention of the employees also gets enhanced to a significant extent (Claydon, 2003, pp. 334-356). Therefore, due to the retention of the experienced staffs within the organization, the intensity to develop varied types of inventive products and services also gets enhanced. Hence, the organization becomes able to satisfy the changing needs and demands of the customers. However, the trade union is entirely different from the concept of employer’s organizations.
Employer’s organization is described as a group of employees, operating in a similar segment. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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