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Labor Relations in Different Organizations in The United Arab Emirates - Essay Example

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The essay "Labor Relations in Different Organizations in The United Arab Emirates" describes that with the recent global recession, violations of labor regulations in the UAE increased dramatically. As a result, the Ministry of Labor came up with policies which sought to address these violations. …
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Labor Relations in Different Organizations in The United Arab Emirates
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"Labor Relations in Different Organizations in The United Arab Emirates"

Download file to see previous pages The following paper analyses, types of work permits, the different categories of violations, and the human rights of laborers in the UAE. A look at the Dubai bank also provides input on the above issues (Allah 1978, p. 78). The beginning of 2011 saw the introduction of work permits in the UAE via the Cabinet Resolution No. 25 of 2010. They include; work transfer, temporary, part-time juvenile persons and personnel sponsored by kin work permits. The work transfer permit covers non-nationals working in the UAE transferred between organizations within the UAE of which must be registered by the Ministry of Labor. Temporary work permits, on the other hand, cover both national and non-national personnel working on a project for less than six months. Part time work permits cover individuals working part time for few hours compared to full time workers who work for extra hours (Allah 1978, p. 156). The number of hours specified by the Ministry of Labor for full time employment includes eight hours excluding lunch breaks; therefore, hours worked less than the outlined eight hours constitute part time employment. This allows both national and non-national personnel to take up more than one job unlike in the past, whereby, people were only allowed to have one job at a time. However, changes of the intricate details of this permit are still underway. This is because various issues keep arising with the encountering of different milestones. Juvenile persons’ permits cover young individuals between 15 to 18 years seeking employment within organizations. Permits for personnel sponsored by their kin cover dependants sought to work for an organization. Meaning expatriates finally have the opportunity to act as their dependants sponsors. This allows their kin to acquire work permits despite them not being eligible for any of the above listed permits (Allah 1978, p. 198). Therefore, the introduction of different types of work permits made it easier for the Dubai Bank Human Resource managers to recruit personnel in an easier way. For example, they were able to capitalize on the permits for personnel sponsored by their kin. This is because; they used these permits as incentive when soliciting the services of expatriates. These permits allow dependants of an expatriate to get employment easily because getting a work permit ceases to be an obstacle. Therefore, Dubai bank officials continue to embrace the gradual changes implemented by the Ministry of Labor (Pawan 2007, p.77). With the recent global recession, violations of labor regulations in the UAE increased dramatically. As a result, the Ministry of Labor came up with policies which sought to address these violations. Companies like the Dubai bank, therefore, readjusted their labor relation policies to accommodate the reevaluated regulations from the Labor Ministry. The Ministry made three categories of violations known to the public. Black points awarded by the Ministry showed the seriousness of these violations. The more the black points earned by an organization, the severe the penalties imposed. Penalties were either fines or the organization would be downgraded in severe cases. The latter’s imposition occurred when a firm acquired more than 100 black points in any given year (Pawan 2007, p.119).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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