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Employee relations are one of IHRM. Critically analyses how cultural differences might affect it. Illustrate your answer with examples - Essay Example

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These relationships contribute in the satisfactory productivity, morale and motivations in the industry. Prevention and resolving of…
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Extract of sample "Employee relations are one of IHRM. Critically analyses how cultural differences might affect it. Illustrate your answer with examples"

Download file to see previous pages This is to ensure justice prevails, and suitable measures are taken. This calls for the supervisors to consider progressive discipline and regulatory measures in effecting disciplinary actions. These measures are also required to resolve grievances and appeals from the employees.
There are employee relations policies that outline steps that supervisors are supposed to take to address work performance and behaviour. Steps in these policies are not rigid procedural requirements that should be used in every situation. The measures are helpful in establishing guidelines to help supervisors monitor and ensure workers meet the expectations. Communication is a crucial tool in employee relations (Stewart, 2010). Employees require proper communication so that they can feel as part of an organization. Thus, it is necessary for supervisors to provide information to employees to promote good understanding of the goals and policies of the organization. This information is also important to employees as it helps in correcting poor performance, personal issues and other duty misconducts.
Suitable advice is given to employees on legislation, applicable regulations and other bargaining agreements. It is through these advices that all indifferences are taken into account ranging from economic, social and cultural factors. In this process, employees are advised on the way to present their grievances in an organization (Chew & Chan, 2008). In this process, there is a proper understanding of organizational measures in labour provision. Employer’s main objective is work quality. It is obvious that happy employees create customers who are happy thus suitable business results are achieved. It is the need of every employee to get a respectful, fair, and a healthy workplace. Work motivators determine the work quality and the ability for workers to deliver at their level best. They include job security, workplace ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Employee Relations Are One of IHRM. Critically Analyses How Cultural Essay.
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