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The Link between Community as Core Value and Emergency Action Plans - Research Proposal Example

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For this paper “The Link between Community as Core Value and Emergency Action Plans” the author is going to look on how the core value of community applies to maintain safe environments both at work and off work in the process of developing emergency action plans…
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The Link between Community as Core Value and Emergency Action Plans
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Extract of sample "The Link between Community as Core Value and Emergency Action Plans"

Download file to see previous pages In the real world basically “a perfectly safe” environment doesn’t exist at all, or terming people as “accidental prone” does not apply. Hence risk management studies help students be safe and create a virtual safe environment. Students need to familiarize with current issues of safety when managing people at places of work. Through the acquisition of knowledge on diagnosis, prevention and evaluation of safety tools and procedures students will be best equipped to maintain a healthy lifestyle both in the work and outside environment. Hence, when students go into their respective fields of work they ought to understand the risk management concepts and terms. The basis of emergency action plans is to give directions to be adhered to in the event of an emergency. This is essentials for instance in the case of a fire in a building the set guidelines will ensure that people can safely retreat from the building and each person will be accounted for, through them being able to assemble in a certain secure location. There will be also emergency numbers to fire fighting agencies or people tasked for those duties who can be reached for help. Also having some people in the building with know-how on the usage of the little fire extinguishers available will be beneficial. It is usually advisable that persons who don’t know how to use such devices not to do so.
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