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The Importance of Surprising and Speed to Effective Tactical Operations - Assignment Example

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The author of the following assignment "The Importance of Surprising and Speed to Effective Tactical Operations" primarily highlights that tactical operations like breaching, sniping and assault are used as the last resort to overcome the situation…
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The Importance of Surprising and Speed to Effective Tactical Operations
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Extract of sample "The Importance of Surprising and Speed to Effective Tactical Operations"

Download file to see previous pages A commander is a person who brings the plans into action. He is responsible for how, when, where and what functions are to be carried out.
The civilian tactical operations are more controlled as the snipers, assault and breaching processes are involved. These operations help in determining the position of the subject and keep an eye on his activities via snipers. However, the risks associated are also high as these operations have zero tolerance for mistakes. A single and minor mistake may lead to great losses like a loss of the life of the hostage/victim if the subject escapes the shot or attack.
Military combats are uncontrolled and uncertain in the circumstances. Both groups have a definite aim to achieve and both have the power to carry out their missions. It becomes quite difficult to realize the hidden potentials of the opponent and hence, the circumstances may vary as the combat progresses. However, in military combats, the opponents have definite aims to achieve and there is no interference of greed, new aims, and new values after the combat starts. The aim is fixed and the efforts are made to dominate the opponents.
Transportation disasters are not always emergencies as people may have knowledge of the disaster beforehand and they are sometimes preventable. For instance, a person living near a railway line knows the potential risks associated with living there and may take necessary steps to prevent himself and his family from those risks by shifting to a safer place or plan to eliminate the risks of being struck by the train; especially for children.
Why is it necessary for all facets of the community (individuals, businesses, non-governmental organizations, governmental organizations, etc.) to be involved in disaster management planning and response?
There is no set disaster management plan as the emergencies are unexpected and uncertain. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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