Love, Forgiveness, and Trust: Critical Values of the Modern Leader - Essay Example

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It is one of the most universal emotions that are displayed by human beings, and it is found in all the cultures of the world. It can be said to be a feeling which is…
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Love, Forgiveness, and Trust: Critical Values of the Modern Leader
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Love, Forgiveness, and Trust: Critical Values of the Modern Leader Forgiveness has no definite meaning, and because of this, there are many ways through which it can be defined. It is one of the most universal emotions that are displayed by human beings, and it is found in all the cultures of the world. It can be said to be a feeling which is displayed through the letting go of anger towards someone who has committed a wrong. It can be said to be a good value which encompasses other emotions such as compassion, empathy, and fondness. It can further be defined as a concern for one another which is based on loyalty and also unselfishness. It can be used to define the compassion and affection which is shown to other human beings in an attempt to forget any anger that one might feel about some individuals. The abovementioned definition does not set limits towards the capacity to forgive, because people wrong us on a daily basis and it is not right to hold grudges over trivial matters. Thus, it is important to forgive those individuals who wrong us, no matter what the wrong entails because not forgiving would mean that the world would be a very negative place within which to live.
Love, forgiveness and trust are values which enable the creation of a sense of extreme loyalty within an organization which cannot be easily broken. These three values are always reserved for those people who are closest to an individual apart from their family. Workmates tend to not only be the closest companions of an individual, but they are also some of this individual’s closest confidants. When these values exist between friends, they often depend on how close their relationship is because while in some cases workplace friendships last for an extraordinarily long time, in others, this tends not to be the case. The long term working relationships always involve an immense deal of love, trust and forgiveness between the people involved, and, in fact, these people can do anything for each other whenever there is any need for it (Caldwell & Dixon, 2010).
One of the best means of instilling the above values is through their encouragement in the work environment by making it as homey as possible. The leader of the organization should work towards the ensuring that there is often close cooperation between the management and the employees and that the latter are allowed voicing their thoughts. Many employees have a love for certain principles or goals which they profoundly value and are highly committed. Such activities are always extremely valuable to such individuals, and they involve an immense deal of dedication and these can be harnessed for the benefit of the organization (Caldwell & Dixon, 2010). With this dedication comes a love for their work, with employees rarely missing the opportunity to take part in duties that benefit their organization.
In conclusion, it can be said that love, trust, and forgiveness are among the most fundamental aspects of human life and that human beings cannot do without it. These forms of values are extremely crucial in the establishment of relationships between family, friends, and life partners and such relationships are crucial in life within the society. They are also necessary for people to be able to work effectively, because if people do not love their jobs and other activities they participate in, then they would not be able to excel in such activities and their lives would turn out to be frightfully disinteresting.
Caldwell, C., & Dixon, R. D. (2010). Love, forgiveness, and trust: Critical values of the modern leader. Journal of Business Ethics, 93(1), 91-101. Read More
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