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This essay talks about the approaches to organizational design which may be used to refer to a process of enhancing the likelihood that a firm will be successful though re-shaping and assess positions and structure to better achieve the goals of a business. …
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Building Community in Organizations
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Building Community in Organizations                         Building Community in Organizations Approaches to organizational design
Organizational design may be used to refer to a process of enhancing the likelihood that a firm will be successful though re-shaping and assessing positions and structure to better achieve the goals of a business. It is a guided and formal procedure for integrating individuals, information, and technology of a company. The major approaches of this design include the following:
The functional approach
It is the simplest of all, featuring well-defined communication channels and responsibility/authority relations. The functional is designed to improve productivity through minimizing duplication of equipment and personnel and also used to make employees comfortable. Training is as well simplified by this approach (Nadler, 1997).
Divisional approach
This is where managers in large firms organize for specialized departments to be formed because they always have difficulties monitoring all the company activities and products. The departments formed are slit according to their outputs in the organization. They include departments for distinguishing among production, geographical categories, and customer service. With these, managers can focus their resources and outcomes, and easily monitor performance.
Network approach
It depends on the other organizations to carry out critical functions based on contracts. This means that managers can sign contracts with specialists to perform certain tasks.
Team approach
It organizes separate functions into groups basing on an overall objective. The cross-functional teams comprises of members from various departments who work jointly as desired to explore opportunities and to solve problems. Its aim is to break down potential barriers among departments and initiate a more effective affiliation for solving continuing problems (Nadler,1997).
The Matrix approach
This combines functional specifications with the aim of achieving a divisional structure. It uses lasting cross-functional groups to incorporate functional experts with a divisional objective. Employees here associate themselves with at least two formal teams at the same time.
I find the functional approach to be more applicable to human service organizations because it enhances good communication and responsibility affiliations that are essential in human services. It also makes employees to feel comfortable while at the same time simplifying their training. This is a good approach when dealing with people in an organization because they will feel recognized and thus motivated. On the other hand, the matrix approach is best applicable to human service managers because it allows general and technical management training. It eases cooperation and problem solving as an enhanced strategic management of employee operations.
Nadler, David. A. and Tushman, Michael, L. (1997). Competing by Design. New York: , Oxford University Press.

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Building Community in Organizations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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