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Essential job functions are regarded as the fundamental and critical duties of the job position that an employee must be in a position to perform (Hammonds & Kapusta, 2003). The ability of an employee to be able to execute these duties is the primary goal for which that position…
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Essential vs Non- Essential Job Finctions
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Essential Vs Non- Essential Job Functions Essential Vs Non- Essential Job Functions Essential job functions are regarded as the fundamental and critical duties of the job position that an employee must be in a position to perform (Hammonds & Kapusta, 2003). The ability of an employee to be able to execute these duties is the primary goal for which that position exists. In this regard, expertise and skills are required when determining the appropriate individual to occupy the position. Some of the essential job functions include all duties performed by a financial manager or officer such as balancing accounts and making financial reports to the CEO. On the other hand, non-essential job functions are duties that could be reassigned to other employees and effectively execute them (Hammonds & Kapusta, 2003). Some of the non-essential job functions include directing and escorting clients to different offices within the organisation.
Application of law into essential and non-essential job functions
Employers are required to have knowledge of the employment provisions including disability Act. Essentially, employees are required to comprehend on essential job functions and how they affect employees. Disability Act Stipulates on the basic civil rights for persons with disability, women and the minority groups (Hammonds & Kapusta, 2003). However, an employer is not obliged to modify or eliminate an essential job function in order to accommodate person with disability. This is arguably true because an employee who is not in a position to execute the essential job functions even when considered to have a reasonable accommodation does not qualify for the said job and is not protected by discrimination Act.
Hammonds, D. & Kapusta, K. (2003). HR how-to: employment law, everything you need to know to comply with the laws that govern every stage of the employment relationship. Chicago, Ill.: CCH. Read More
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