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Federal function - Essay Example

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Federal government is a system in the United States where the autonomous republics of the fifty states are considered in one national government. The federal government is constituted of three cardinal branches: the judiciary, exercutive and the legislature which wields various powers as stipulated in the American constitution…
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Federal function
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Download file to see previous pages In the recent past, the federal government has been faced with a looming crisis in which it plans laying off about eight hundred thousands staffs, their employment status hangs on the balance as the federal government braves to as from Saturday impose a shutdown, a move that is likely to render such a huge population staffs suspended, it will also include several agencies right from the offices to the parks rolling out their operations. A move to reverse the highly anticipated action is in its top gears as the United States president Barrack Obama has considered a crisis meeting consultation in the White house with John Boehner a speaker in the Republican House. The shutdown negative impact is due on spring where by even the tourists from the international community would experience rough rides, they will find attraction sites closed on Saturdays, sites like the Liberty statue, museums in Washington’s Smithsonian’s, former prisons of Alcatraz amongst other sites with fascinating features will not be operational, in the mean time vital organization that deliver services like security, control of air traffic, border authorities and the all important postal services would partially operate or would totally close down.
The anticipated move will not only threatens the staffs at various work places but will also affect acutely government agencies, Pentagon and the congress included. The move by the congress to classify workers into non-essentials and essentials has not augured well with most employees who value the conscious of the status. The non-essential workers would be expected not to show up for job on Mondays while the essential ones would have their schedule uninterrupted on Mondays. A further hitch is also in the rife as the staffs risk having their laptops and BlackBerries shut down. According to Jeffrey Zients White House deputy director on management and budget (Askill, 2011), the pattern of the shut down may be uneven, National parks, forests and institution of Smithsonian would remain closed as the Institute of Health Clinical Centre will consider new patients but clinical trials will remain suspended. The overseas stationed troops in countries like Iran and Afghanistan will not be given their wages but will be paid for welfare recipient. The holidaymakers of Americans origin who been considered late for their passport applications as well as the visitors who would want to pay a visit to America and made US visas application would be compelled to eat a humble pie as their request will not succeed. The debate as to whether the non-essential workers would be paid after the shut down as in previous years also sent mixed reactions as the federal government has this year clarified their position that it won’t be as usual. What the government is doing The US president Barrack Obama had along late night meeting with Boehner and Harry Reid, the senate leader to strike a deal that would avoid the unfortunate circumstance from coming into play, Obama expressed optimism that both the parties are committed to finding a solution to what is viewed as a possible menace. He is expecting early positive responses from the Republicans in order to halt the steps facilitating the shut down becoming a reality. On the issue, the Republicans proposes a forty billion dollars cut deficit on the federal while the Democrats resoluted on the thirty four and a half billion ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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