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General Functions of Management As They Related To Project Management - Essay Example

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This research will discuss the general functions of management as they related to project management, the main concerns of project managers and the components of project management in the modern setting…
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General Functions of Management As They Related To Project Management
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Extract of sample "General Functions of Management As They Related To Project Management"

Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that the management is involved in the project planning which includes listing all the project activities and tasks including the time taken and the relationships between the tasks. Project management can be defined the discipline which is involved in planning, organizing, leading and controlling resources in the achievement of specific goals. Project management steps include planning, organizing, project initiation, project monitoring and control and the project closure. Project managers are concerned by the project constraints which include people, time and money resource constraints. The general functions of management are applied in the successful management of projects. The management should be involved in the planning phase by establishing project plans of action which are either short term, medium term or long term. Project management also involves organization of the project resources mainly the human resources. Project manager assigns the roles and responsibilities to different personnel involved in the project and also delegate the authority. Just like general management, project managers have a leading function whereby they are supposed to motivate, coordinate and communicate with the project employees to ensure the project goals are achieved effectively. Project managers also control the project progress by reviewing and monitoring the project progress against the project plans and taking the necessary corrective action where deviations exist. Some of the main concerns of management include identification of the stakeholder interests and expected outcomes since numerous users of the project have different needs. Another main concern of the management is the project constraints. The main constraints include time, finances and scope hence altering one constrain will impact on the rest. If the project manager reduces the completion time, additional resources will be required to meet the new project schedule. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(General Functions of Management As They Related To Project Management Essay - 9)
General Functions of Management As They Related To Project Management Essay - 9.
“General Functions of Management As They Related To Project Management Essay - 9”, n.d.
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