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They usually are definite on what duties they are to perform. They are categorized as either essential or non essential functions. Essential functions usually involve those integral parts of…
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Db2 employment recruitment and select
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Explain the difference between essential and nonessential functions. Professor
In a working environment employees are majorly involved in their day to day activities. They usually are definite on what duties they are to perform. They are categorized as either essential or non essential functions. Essential functions usually involve those integral parts of a given job. They are necessary and are involved in day to day duties, Williamson (1993) it is necessary since those involved are highly trained and equipped with knowledge in performing the set duties. The functions are mainly the major reasons the organization and the job description exist in the fast place so they are usually handled with care and only experts are involved in the duties. The other function involves the non essential functions, as the name suggests they are additional duties laid form a major function being presented. They are either caused by some occurrences or used as additional duties to be carried out workers. They done require specialist to perform them so in major organizations they are usually distributed among amongst all employees.
According to (Walker, 2003) Essential and non essential functions are executed with respect to the organization of the subject at hand for example the introduction of a new system be it scientific or simple system the need to describe functions of the employs must be kept in mind. In caring out the essential duties the international laws governing the labor sector must be observed. They include the recommend eight hours of working time is observed and that the working conditions are favorable. The issue of overtime pay must be included in performing these duties. Essential duties are major to the organization for instance an account caring out an audit is termed as essential but when he is involved in matters to deal with training of fellow employees then it becomes non essential.
Williamson, M (1993) Training Needs Analysis. Michigan: Library Association Publishing.
Walker, M.D. (2003) A Model of Strategic Human Capital Management, Philadelphia: DIANE Publishing. Read More
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