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The paper “Best Practices in the Workplace Communication” will look at the use of effective communication, which can serve to greatly improve the existing relationships not only at the various social situations and at home but also at the work place…
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Best Practices in the Workplace Communication
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Download file to see previous pages  The use of effective communication can also aid in causing one to be able to successfully communicate the more difficult or negative messages without tending to destroy the existing trust or create any form of conflict. Of note is that effective communication essentially combines a set of several skills seen to variously include attentive listening, the non-verbal communication accompanying a message, the innate ability for one to be able to successfully manage stress at the particular moment of receipt, sending or processing of the information and the general capacity for one to be able to effectively recognize and understand not only one’s own projected emotions, but also those that happen to be affecting or be projected by the person with whom one is communicating with. While all these skills are seen to be of great importance in aiding us in our ability to better understanding of a given situation or person, building up good levels of respect and trust and successfully create an enabling environment where the various generated creative ideas, affection, caring and problem solving can be able to flourish successfully, it is important to note that good listening skills can be perceived to perhaps be the greatest skill that one should ensure that they cultivate. According to West and Turner (2010), listening has variously been referred to as being a twenty-first century skill primarily due to the fact that listening is now perceived to have greater importance as compared to the degree of importance attributed to it in the past. Of note is that the various new technologies and modern changes in the manner in which business practices are conducted has served to greatly change the person. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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