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The contemporary workplace: challenges and changes - Essay Example

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Employee involvement programs reflect the dissimilar set of the personnel as well as the Human Resource Management (HRM) practices that result in the increase of the worker’s authority at the workplace and likewise, in the decision making process of the firm. …
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The contemporary workplace: challenges and changes
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Download file to see previous pages It has often been argued that employee involvement forms the integral part of organisational development in the contemporary workplace. In this context, employee involvement entails certain factors such as the communication channels practiced within the organisation which is perceived to be directly related with organisational decision making. For instance, direct communication entails the standards to be followed by organisational participants for the operating procedures. At often instances, it encourages open meetings and elevated participation of the committee and the team members. Direct communication also helps in the analysis of the hazard management taking an overall control of the measures and the design pertaining within the organisational structure and control thus assisting the management to make strategic decisions more effective, especially within the organisation. Direct communication also helps employees to have a proper understanding related to the norms and the procedures that result in the effective employee involvement and a productive working culture ensuring high morale amid the workforce at every level (Australian Government, 2005). Correspondingly, indirect communications reflects the formation of committees and associations with the objective to the accelerated employee involvement. The responsibilities related to the employee involvement entail the responsibility on mangers to encourage such practices. It is essential in this context that high authorities must ensure immediate response to the employee concerns. and must listen to the approaches suggested by the employees related to their concerns (Thomson, 1972). Employee involvement relates to the philosophy practiced by companies to encourage employee participation in the decision making process to facilitate transparency and higher degree of integrity in the organisational process. Such an inclusion of employees in the decision making process of any organisation also reflects employee empowerment. Although the two practices, employee involvement and employee empowerment are strongly interlinked, these notions reflect two different aspects where employee empowerment acts as a method for employee involvement (Rathnaweera, 2010). Employee empowerment enhances the morale of the employees which further accelerates their efficiency and the effectiveness. Additionally, the empowerment of employee in actively participating in the organisational decision making entails vital importance with respect to the growth of the organisation resulting in the increased morale and efficiency of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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