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The recent emergence of water-powered jet packs on beaches in Hawaii, Florida, and California has prompted concerns about their safety and environmental impact. Operators of the device claim that they serve as a tourist attraction, helping to spur business in coast cities and towns…
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Jet Packs Raise Safety Worries
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Jet Packs Raise Safety Worries Article Summary The recent emergence of water-powered jet packs on beaches in Hawaii,Florida, and California has prompted concerns about their safety and environmental impact. Operators of the device claim that they serve as a tourist attraction, helping to spur business in coast cities and towns. However, authorities and a section of the public feel that the device could be a safety issue, as riders could crash into boats or coral reefs. Additionally, there are concerns that water-powered jet-packs could pose an environmental threat to marine life. This may come about through damage to coral reefs, which provide habitat to various forms of marine life. Finally, authorities are also concerned that the device could scare away fish from fishing nets. Companies that are in the business of renting out the device claim that their reviews on its environmental impacts have revealed that they are neither harmful to marine environment nor do they scare away fish. They have also not received any reports of serious injuries to riders (Carlton, 21).
Relation of Article to Human Resource Management
Evidently, state authorities in areas that the devices are in operation should conduct their own reviews to solve the issue. This article is related to human resource management in the sense that authorities need to hire qualified individuals to conduct the review on the safety and environmental impact of the jet-packs. This hiring will involve selection and assessment of potential employees to undertake the task, bringing human resource issues into play (Martin, 46). Alternatively, the state authorities in question may decide that their own current employees are qualified enough to undertake the review, albeit with a little bit of additional training. Training for employment duty is a crucial part of human resource management (Martin, 48). In the event that the review reveals that the devices are a safety issue or pose an environmental threat, state authorities may need to come up with new regulation to control the use of the device. This may involve enacting rules requiring operators of the device to ensure that trained and qualified personnel are always present to supervise the use of the device. Therefore, operators will be faced with human resource issues involved in the hiring and training of these personnel in accordance with the new regulation (Martin, 51).
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