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Interview 1 member of the clergy and 1 academic counselor who both interact with college students Research strategies for self-m - Assignment Example

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Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual Needs (Name) (Institution) Abstract This paper provides information acquired from two interviews, where a member of the clergy and an academic counselor, who both interact with college students. The paper then provides strategies for self-management, time management, and learning for college students…
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Interview 1 member of the clergy and 1 academic counselor who both interact with college students Research strategies for self-m
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Download file to see previous pages Most college students face various life challenges, especially when they are fresh in college because college life is a transition phase from dependence to independence. It is during college life that new students have to make independent decisions, manage finance and time, interact with people from various social backgrounds and develop their identity. Therefore, college students face emotional, psychological and spiritual challenges. In the two interviews that involve one member of the clergy and an academic counselor, I will evaluate emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of college students. Information obtained from research on strategies for self-management, time management, and learning for college students will be incorporated with the information obtained from the two interviews to create a plan that will meet the emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs of college students. What are the Spiritual Needs of College Students? In an interview with a member of the clergy on the emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of college students, it was revealed that college students have various spiritual needs. The clergy, having worked in the institution for several years, has been interacting with college students. ...
He confirmed that freshmen need a place to worship. The clergy further said that the place of worship that most college students need should enable them to connect with people with whom they share their faith. This is because college students need enhance their spiritual growth while in college. Do senior college students also have spiritual needs? The clergy respondent to the question by emphasizing that senior college students also have spiritual needs, only that the location and details about place of worship is not a challenge to them because they have stayed for sometime, and they have sufficient knowledge. Given that most people in college have upgraded their thinking, and have learnt some abstract new concept, as students interact with others and instructors, their previous religious beliefs may be challenged and put on inquiry. As result, these senior college students need a place where they can learn about spiritual truth to enhance their spiritual health and overcome any challenges to their spiritual beliefs that may be misleading. Senior college students also need to know the truth so that they can make right decisions on the spiritual paths to follow, upon getting sufficient information. The clergy further noted that during his long term service in the institution he had made significant observations. During his interactions with college students, the clergy observed that college students need a stable environment and people to explain and show them the love of Jesus so that they feel they have a place to belong, when it comes to spirituality. What are the Emotional Needs of College Students? My main objective was to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Interview 1 Member of the Clergy and 1 Academic Counselor Who Both Assignment.
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