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Romantic Relationships at Work - Assignment Example

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The writer of the essay "Romantic Relationships at Work" suggests that romantic relationships affect both the individual and the organization negatively. It has been attributed to lower productivity, decreased morale, gossip, and even hostility among the co-workers to the said couples…
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Romantic Relationships at Work
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Extract of sample "Romantic Relationships at Work"

Download file to see previous pages 2.Productivity is regularly seen as being hurt by romantic relationships. However, it remains elusive whether the impact is negative or positive. In several case studies, romantic relationships lead to decreases in productivity, and this is attributed to the fact that, during the relationship, the participants are cognitively diverted, and are, therefore, more susceptible to mistakes and errors, are most likely to miss meetings, and are more regularly late. Current research on sexual harassment in countries such as North America indicates that team performance is affected negatively when a team member is sexually harassed. 3.Research on the consequences of workplace romance on the co-workers tends to indicate negative effects. If the workplace romance is viewed as exploitive, hierarchical, due to motives that are related to the job, it can minimize the productivity and morale of co-workers who may be afraid of the resulting unfairness in career and task rewards. This also results into increased gossip among the co-workers. Gossip is defined as communication concerning someone, instead of communicating directly with the person. Although gossip can be non-threatening, it can be a manifestation of co-worker anxieties involving a workplace romance and a determination to create alliances with the partners involved. 4.Sexual harassment has been found to evolve after a workplace romance goes sour. Many concerns have been raised concerning the possible consequences of sexual harassment. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Romantic Relationships at Work Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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