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An Ethical Dilemma Concerning Romantic Relationships - Assignment Example

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In the paper “An Ethical Dilemma Concerning Romantic Relationships” the author discusses the following dilemma: in college, you have a girlfriend, whom you love. In addition, however, you have another woman friend, whom you believe that you love even more…
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An Ethical Dilemma Concerning Romantic Relationships
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Extract of sample "An Ethical Dilemma Concerning Romantic Relationships"

Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, leaving your girlfriend does not seem right because you love her and there is the possibility that this is just a passing romantic fancy. Do you leave your girlfriend and take a shot at creating a romantic relationship with your female friend or do you stay with your girlfriend and try to resolve matters.
The choice which revolves around a commitment to your romantic relationship. If you decide to follow your passion, there is the possibility that your feelings may not be long-lasting. But even if your female friend is not interested in establishing a relationship, you are taking the slow path towards accepting that your ultimate happiness lies somewhere outside of your relationship. Ultimately, however, you are attempting to please yourself.
On the other hand, you have no moral obligation to stay with your girlfriend, but believe that, in deciding to stay with your girlfriend and see if your romantic interest in your female friend is a passing emotion, you are behaving correctly in your love for your girlfriend. This is a much less self-conscious response and means that you will have to settle for one situation knowing that you might be happier elsewhere.
The decision to le The decision to leave your girlfriend values impulse over understanding. If you love your girlfriend, it is likely that you two have a deep understanding of one another, which you do not yet have with your female friend. Additionally, there is the possibility that you may not feel attracted to your female friend once you become better acquainted with her. This choice, however, stresses the idea that the pursuit of shallow passions over morally deeper satisfaction. Not to mention that if you leave if your girlfriend there is the possibility that your relationship with your friend will not work out, which will, in turn, leave you without either romantic relationship.
The decision to stay with your girlfriend values the importance of romantic relationships. If you really do love your girlfriend, it is morally beneficial that you two should stay together. You might be sacrificing your happiness in the short term, but there is the possibility that the relationship will make you happy over the long term. On the other hand, there is the possibility that the situation may never correct itself and that your romantic interest in your female friend is posing as a possible escape to a temporary problem.
If you love your girlfriend is imperative that you treat her with care and consideration and have a better reason for leaving her than your romantic attraction to someone else. After all, romantic attraction to additional persons can occur even among couples in love. It is also essential that you do not disregard your own happiness and notion of what will make you happy. After all, if you stay in a relationship where you are unhappy, it is possible that you might remain unhappy forever. Thus, I believe that the best decision is to integrate the pursuit of your own happiness with respect to your girlfriend.
Before any rash decisions are made, you should try to determine what it is in your current relationship that prevents you from being happy.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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An Ethical Dilemma Concerning Romantic Relationships Assignment.
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