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The Impact of an Inept Management Style on the Performance and Working Style of the People Relating to a Hematology Department - Case Study Example

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The Case to be analyzed focuses On The Impact Of An Inept Management Style On The Performance And Working Style Of The People Relating To A Hematology Department. It focuses on the change management required to be put in place to help encourage the people to change their attitudes to the work…
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Extract of sample "The Impact of an Inept Management Style on the Performance and Working Style of the People Relating to a Hematology Department"

Download file to see previous pages The first parameter deals with the aptitude and skill of the individual in problem-solving activities and in providing prompt decisions. Secondly, the selection process also needs to evaluate the interpersonal and team building skills of the individuals relating to the process of influencing subordinates to a fulfillment of organizational goals. Thirdly, the selection process involves understanding or evaluation of an individual’s potential in handling controversial or confronting issues and to work harmoniously in a pressurized job setting. Similarly, in the fourth case, the selection process should also tend to evaluate the degree of innovation incorporated in rendering new initiatives in a proactive fashion by the managerial applicants in troubleshooting problems. Finally, the selection process of the supervisors should also tend to observe the agility in the management staffs to enhance their technical and process know-how through learning. Along with the above parameters, specific tools can be incorporated, like ‘Role Playing’ that in turn contributes to the reduction of the event of Role Ambiguity in the workplace. Similarly, apart from conducting ‘Personal Interviews’ scales can be adequately designed to rate the behavioral attributes of the different applicants based on ‘Behavioral Anchored Rating Scales’. The scales can be created on a Five Point basis from ‘Very Good’ to ‘Very Poor’ rating the different parameters like ‘Interpersonal Skills’, ‘Initiative’, ‘Working under Pressure’, ‘Leadership’, ‘Prompt Decision Making Potential’ and others to thereby present an effective assessment of the individual potencies involved in matching the requirements of the role set (Rice and Burnett, n.d., p.2-5).
The selection process for the supervisors can be further enhanced through the incorporation of the 360-degree appraisal program. Incorporation of the 360-degree appraisal contributes to the gaining of effective feedback from subordinates and peers of the applicants involved such that an effective selection procedure can be implemented. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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