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Influence Of Transformational Leadership Styles In Developing Small Businesses - Essay Example

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Introduction- Transformational Leadership Style 3
Importance of Transformational Leadership Styles and Advantages 4
Transformational leadership styles in change management 5
Transformational Leader Managing employees, customer satisfaction 7
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Influence Of Transformational Leadership Styles In Developing Small Businesses
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Introduction- Transformational Leadership Style
Leadership style has been classified into many different ways in the research field. In the recent years two forms of leadership style have been coalesced which are the transformational leadership and transactional leadership. It has been proved that transformational and transactional leadership are not mutually exclusive. Therefore leadership is defined as a process where an individual tends to influences individuals in order to achieve the set common goal (Northouse, 2009, p.3).
The transformational leadership style mainly focuses on the future and is developmental. This form of leadership is most valued when task involves breaking deadlocks, creating order mainly out of order, initiating a change in the organisation and on the way of developing future leaders. This form of leadership has also been termed as relationship oriented, inspirational leadership and also charismatic leaders. The main motive of the transformational leader is to inspire the employees to go beyond or above their self interest (Krause, 2005, p.39). The transformational leader is known to be charismatic and their style usually revolves around the empowerment of the subordinates. Thus these leaders are often characterised as people who mainly articulates the realistic vision of the future, understand the difference that exists among the subordinates and stimulates them through intellectual manner. In countries such as Canada, Japan, United States, Austria and Taiwan the transformational leadership is viewed as the most positive form of leadership than any other form of leadership. Thus transformational leadership is often associated with the characteristic of being charisma which is often viewed as a desirable form of attitude and positive (Waite, 2007, p. 5). Like charismatic leadership, an effective transformational leadership also requires the ability to bring about a change and also challenge the status quo, is able to recognise the opportunities for the organisation and also for the employees, risk taker and should also encourage others to take risk. The transformational leadership often requires the ability to inspire a shared vision. They rally others for a common dream and are adept in envisioning the future of the employees and the organisation and also enlisting them to move towards the vision. A transformational leader should be able to set an example of commitment towards shared vision and values (Lussier & Achua, 2009, p.350). Importance of Transformational Leadership Styles and Advantages Transformational leadership style or the transformational leaders has proved to gain a high importance in business particularly when it comes to small business. A transformational leader is strongly related with the unit focused which measures the effectiveness if leadership. In a small business it is necessary that the leader needs to be effective and charismatic so that he is able to lead from the front and initiate the followers to adopt the same technique and take risk. Every business needs to take risk and it’s the leaders who initiate the members of the organisation. Since transformational leadership style is the most accepted and possess unique qualities suitable to run a business or organisation thus this form of leadership is very important. Employees who have the transformational leadership style tend to have a higher level of job performance than other members of the business. They usually have high level of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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