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The paper entitled 'The Essence of the Between Groups ' presents the essence of the ‘between groups’ approach to research which is that a separate group of subjects is used for each treatment condition. This approach involves a comparison of a control group…
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The Essence of the Between Groups
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There are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches. In the ‘between groups’ approach participants are less likely to become bored as in the ‘within group’ approach because they are only used for one treatment. Therefore, they are more likely to entertain follow up treatments than is the case with the ‘within group’ approach where participants may not complete the tests. The ‘within group’ is less costly when compared to the ‘between groups’ approach as it involves only one group on which more than one treatment is administered while the ‘between groups’ approach require more than one group. Therefore, the number of participants subjected to tests are half as much as in the ‘between groups’ approach. Additionally, the ‘within group’ approach is less error-prone since the same subjects are used for both tests whiles the ‘between groups’ approach is negatively impacted by individual differences. The effect of the first treatment on the second treatment is a major disadvantage of the ‘within group’ approach.
The main differences between the two approaches need to be clearly understood in order to facilitate a determination of the statistical tests to be employed so that inferences can be made. Paired t-Tests is useful in analyzing ‘within group’ designs while independent t-Tests is useful for analyzing data for ‘between groups’ designs. Read More
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(The Essence of the Between Groups Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 385 Words)
The Essence of the Between Groups Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 385 Words.
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