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The author states he/she plan to specialize in the human service area of education. He/she plans to use the skills for purposes of instilling knowledge to others. The fact that there are many illiterate adults in the third world countries is such a dagger through the author's spine.   …
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Human Services Program and Profession Unit for Discussion
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Education is a very key aspect of human life. It may be argued that it is not a basic need, but reasoning beyond common knowledge depicts the contrary. Education is a shield that needs to be fortified at all levels (Grey, Hudson & Nelly, 2001). I have taken it upon myself to further my studies in order to participate in the high accolades of disseminating education to the world society.
Guided with education, the world is poised for greater heights. Studies show that well over 90 percent of the world invention came as a result of education in one form or the other. We live in a civilized society thanks to education. We are currently marveling at the fruits of the efforts put in by our forerunners towards enhancing education. We are obliged to take the mantle. I shall not relent until I play my role in human service.    Read More
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