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Compensation to Injured Workers - Essay Example

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The paper "Compensation to Injured Workers" discusses that developments after the year 1930 such reduced accidents; courts approach to settling compensation disputes and setbacks to the psychological assumption led to the collapse of the investigative era…
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Compensation to Injured Workers
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Extract of sample "Compensation to Injured Workers"

The beginning of the twentieth century witnessed a revolution in factories with respect to the safety of workers, accidents, and compensation. Development of compensation to injured workers, as a norm, facilitated investigations into accidents in the workplaces, an initiative that started in the year 1900 and escalated fifteen years later, for a decade and a half. Both employers and insurance companies dedicated to investigations that could help in minimizing expenses in compensating injured employees. Similarly, employer organizations developed research initiatives that aimed at improving safety at the workplaces with the objective of minimizing accident-related expenses due to compensations. This led to the formation of professional organizations like the National Safety Council that made positive contributions to safety at the workplace. Based on a postulate that accidents are psychologically triggered and that they could be prevented, research initiatives established that effective management and efficient procedures through employee training and awareness is an important factor towards reducing accident cases and claims.
Preventing an accident, therefore, considers both the environment and the involved people while preventing injury focuses on people’s risks. Even though injury prevention can be done after an accident, both injury prevention and accident prevention improves workplace safety through identification and control of possible risks at the workplace. Read More
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(Compensation to Injured Workers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 5)
Compensation to Injured Workers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 5.
“Compensation to Injured Workers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 5”, n.d.
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... maintained came about because of a mishap happening sometime during the job, and emerging out of the employment. Failure to prove this would mean that the resulting disability will not be compensable according to the Workers Compensation Act. Works Cited Ball, Christopher A. California workers comp: how to take charge when you are injured on the job. Berkeley, CA: Nolo, 2014. Print. Katz, Charles S., and Michael D. Sherman.Workers Compensation Update. Eau Claire, WI: Lorman Education Services, 2008. Print.....
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Moreover, the acceptance of Weber’s views on bureaucracy has led to the assumption that bureaucracy (Fry, 1989, 41) ‘is not necessarily rational, it may not be efficient, that other forms of orga...
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