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The paper “Human Services: Concepts and Intervention Strategies” focuses on preventing possible problems, mediating current problems, and improving the quality of human life.  The profession of human services seeks to improve human service by making easier accessibility…
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Human Services: Concepts and Intervention Strategies
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Human Services: Concepts and Intervention Strategies
1.0. Introduction.
Human services encompass a wide field aimed at meeting human needs through a fusion of knowledge from many disciplines. The field focuses on preventing possible problems, mediating current problems, and improving the quality of human life. In the corporate world, the profession of human services seeks to improve human service delivery by making easier accessibility, coordination, and accountability as well as the quality of direct services among agencies in the service delivery sector.
2.0. Discussion.
Service workers, both direct and indirect, need a number of competencies in order to offer quality services. The competencies bear in mind the needs of the workers, consumers, and educators. These competencies aim at empowering participants through effective communication, community advocacy and networking, and many more (Mehr, 2010).
Human service workers are professionals in the departments of mental retardation, group homes, family and child care, youth agencies, drug and substance abuse, domestic violence, and in the area of ageing. The major task of such a worker is to assist the community in the major aspects of life so that it can operate as effectively as possible. The worker must, therefore, be ready and willing to help with patience and understanding. The worker must be able to integrate the varied needs of those he serves and apply cultural diversity competence in serving them so that he satisfies their individual needs.
The worker should understand the human systems such as development and dynamics, identifying interventions that promote achievement of goals, promoting the various values as held by clients and community, and ways of effectively implementing these criteria in order to competently execute his services (Mehr, 2010).
3.0. Conclusion.
Human services are a crucial need in society to meet the demands of the weak, elderly, and those with medical conditions, besides the medical care they get. The services go a step further to help them reintegrate with society by meeting their personal social needs.
Mehr, J. J. (2010). Human Services: Concepts and Intervention Strategies. NJ: Pearson. Read More
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