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As sad as it may seem, not every child develops as expected. There are children who develop at a slower pace than the others. There are several reasons as to why such may occur. However, no matter what such reasons are, these children and their families still encounter various problems that the delay or abnormalities in the child may cause.
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Early Intervention
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Download file to see previous pages Due to the increasing number of children who have development delays or problems, various strategies have been developed in order to address such problems. One of these strategies is known as early intervention.
Early intervention has become one of the most popular and widely used strategies when a child faces developmental difficulties. Such strategy is hinged on the assumption that the earlier developmental problems are detected, the more it is possible to overcome. Early intervention applies to children of school age or younger who are discovered to have or be at risk of developing a handicapping condition or other special need that may affect their development. Moreover, it depends on in the provision of services that the children and their respective families need. These services are most often aimed at reducing the effects of the child's developmental condition.
Early intervention may be taken from two contexts. It can be used either for remedial purposes or for preventive uses. Early intervention as a remedial strategy is aimed at lessening the effects of the child's condition on himself and his family while early intervention as a preventive strategy focuses on thwarting the occurrence.
There are various types of early intervention programs. ...
Early intervention programs may begin at different ages, but usually, it is best to begin as early as possible.
Two examples of intervention strategies are play therapy and counseling. Each of these are used for a variety of purposes and aimed at achieving different goals. According to the British Association of Play Therapists, play therapy is defined as,
"...the dynamic process between child and Play Therapist in which the child explores at his or her own pace and with his or her own agenda those issues, past and current, conscious and unconscious, that are affecting the child's life in the present. The child's inner resources are enabled by the therapeutic alliance to bring about growth and change. Play Therapy is child-centred, in which play is the primary medium and speech is the secondary medium."
On the other hand, counseling is a commonly used term in psychology. Basically, counseling is aimed at helping the family deal with the problems that the child may be encountering. Since the problems of a child may be rooted to certain family issues, counseling will help the family resolve whatever issues that may cause the child problems.
Why use Early Intervention
According to United States Department of Education, there are three primary reasons why early intervention is utilized.
There are three primary reasons for intervening early with an exceptional child: to enhance the child's development, to provide support and assistance to the family, and to maximize the child's and family's benefit to society.
A study of human growth and development will show that it is during the preschool years that a child develops the fastest. It is during this stage that the child learns the most. If the most teachable moments or stages of greatest ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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