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The main research questions are: What outcome(s) should Domino's Pizza measure to determine if CD-Rom training is an effective method for teaching new employees how to stretch pizza dough to fit a 12-inch pan?  Why did you choose these outcome(s)?…
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Employee Training in Dominos Pizza
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Question #1:  What outcome(s) should Domino's Pizza measure to determine if CD-Rom training is an effective method for teaching new employees how to stretch pizza dough to fit a 12-inch pan?  Why did you choose these outcome(s)?
As discussed in the application assignment, Domino’s Pizza should choose to measure the effectiveness of the teaching by determining the quality of the pizza as to:
Roundness of pizza- The roundness of the pizza should be of good quality. This presentation of appearance of the pizza is one of the very important features of a pizza company. The company should be able to uphold an excellent appearance of roundness of pizza.
Evenness of border- The presentation of a good pizza will represent a good company. The company’s success depends on how people will patronize the product. The evenness of border should be given important.
Uniform thickness of the dough- Domino’s Pizza should be able to maintain good and consistent thickness of the dough. Their present customers will notice these changes. They buy pizza in the company because they like the quality of the pizza.
Taste of pizza- Though the newly introduced method of teaching does not change the ingredients of the pizza, the company should be able to make sure that there are no negative effects on the taste of the pizza.
Question #2:  Describe the evaluation design you would recommend that Domino's Pizza use to determine if CD-Rom training is more effective than on-the-job training.
I would recommend use the Post-Test Design in determining if CD-ROM training is more effective than on-the-job training. This design is relatively inexpensive. In this type of evaluation design, a post-test or survey, is administered to the program or the participants. Domino’s Pizza can implement this design because this a useful design when time is an issue. The company can administer a survey after implementing the CD-ROM training.
To determine which of the two teaching or training methods is more effective the following factors should be taken into consideration and must be included in the survey:
COST- The cost is the major factor for evaluation in determining which of the two methods is more effective. As much as preserving the quality of the pizza company, the company also wants to reduce costs.
EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION- Knowledge and new talent can help to reduce boredom of the new employees. The method shall demonstrate to the employee that they are valuable enough for the company to spend in them and their improvement. The new method should help keep the motivation of employees up.
LONG TERM LEARNING- The methods should be able to prove which of them has the capability of contributing a long term and effective learning. The employees have the tendency to forget knowledge or learning as time goes by. The company should ensure that what has been taught and trained will remain in their systems.
PROPER GUIDANCE- The method shall be able to ensure that the new employees are guided properly throughout the journey of completing the task. The trainees should be guided accordingly to reduce mistakes and error of the production.
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