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Assessing HRD Need is Important in Developing Strategic HRD - Essay Example

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This paper declares the value of human resource development (HRD) as a key strategic tool in modern organizations cannot be denied. In fact, it could be noted that HRD can help towards the improvement of the employee performance – either in the short or the long term. …
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Assessing HRD Need is Important in Developing Strategic HRD
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Download file to see previous pages Current paper focuses on the examination of a particular aspect of HRD: the development of strategic HRD process. Reference is made specifically to the relationship between this process and the assessment of HRD need. The examination of the literature published in the particular field has revealed that indeed the accurate and appropriate assessment of HRD need can increase the chances for the successful development of strategic HRD process; however, the terms under which the interaction between the above two activities/ processes can be developed are not always clear. It seems that the conditions in the internal and the external organizational environment can affect the level at which the assessment of HR need affects the development of strategic HRD process. All the potential aspects of the above relationship are examined and critically analyzed in this paper using examples – as possible – from relevant organizational practices.  This paper stresses that the establishment of HRD policies in the workplace has been proved to be a challenging task; despite their value, these policies have also important requirements, which have to be appropriately addressed so that the targets set by the planners of these policies to be achieved. The challenges that HRD policies have to face in the modern market can be understood by referring to their characteristics and common forms. In this way also, the requirements of these policies will be clearer understood and justified.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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