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The HR Role in Transformational Period in the Health Care Sector in Abu Dhabi Emirate - Essay Example

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The given paper "The HR Role in Transformational Period in the Health Care Sector in Abu Dhabi Emirate" provides detailed information about a sound health care system that will create more support for the government and in fact for the entire system. As all service organizations, the role of human resources is critical when it comes to healthcare systems…
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The HR Role in Transformational Period in the Health Care Sector in Abu Dhabi Emirate
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, a satisfied workforce is an integral element of an effective CRM strategy. In a very competitive society, these elements are even more important. To understand this concept, it must be realized that the number of patients increases by small amounts whereas new facilities sprout up every other day. Thus there is a very important relationship between sound human resource practice and successful hospital management.
The recent government has taken many measures to improve the quality of health care being provided to citizens of UAE. The flag of change on this front has basically been carried by two organizations. The ministry of health in association with SEHA has taken many different initiatives to improve the healthcare system in UAE. There is always a primary theme behind every change process which defines the vision of change. The primary theme of health sector reforms by SEHA and Ministry of Health has been ‘standardization’. This change process aimed at standardization has three primary strategies:
(QPR) for Health Care Professionals is to ensure that all Health Professionals of the Health Authority –Abu Dhabi (HAAD) meet and maintain qualification and experience standards as required to ensure a quality health care, within University accepted health care standards.
The achievement of JCI accreditation is accepted for the purposes of initial licensure in the specific areas covered by the accreditation process. Professional Standards, regulations, and guidelines related to Health professionals should be produced in HAAD. This functions as an inspection and quality control mechanism which ensures that changes are aimed at the long run.
Al Corniche was built as a maternity hospital, with the sole purpose of providing health care to women and children. In 1970’s the time of its inception it was the only hospital providing such services on a public level.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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