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HR Practice in A.J. Robinsons and Sons Ltd - Essay Example

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The report “HR Practice in A.J. Robinsons and Sons Ltd” analyzes the areas of HR practice that should be standardized in the organization. They mainly include the key issues related to giving the First Line Managers the autonomy to full practice their duties. …
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HR Practice in A.J. Robinsons and Sons Ltd
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Extract of sample "HR Practice in A.J. Robinsons and Sons Ltd"

Download file to see previous pages There is also need for reorientation of the employees through training and it has also been recommended that there should be effective communication in order to create understanding among the workmates. It has been recommended that there is need to clearly outline the structure of the organization for it to be effective as well as improve its performance which is internally based at the expense of the customers.
 In the given case scenario, the key issues affecting performance levels at A.J. Robinsons and Sons Ltd particularly in the Sales Office (Jackie) scenario, the Bought Ledger (Karen) department and The Transport (Melvin) department can be attributed to overriding of the functions of the First Line Managers (FLM) by John Jones who is the Customer Services and Administrative Manager. In order to gain a clear understanding of the concept of FLM, it is imperative to begin by outlining some of the basic functions of First Line management. Basically, first line managers are directly responsible for the production of goods and services. The employees who directly report to them do the organization’s basic production work (Jackson et al 2001). For instance, a sales manager like Jackie should be responsible for supervising the people who sell different chemical things in the organization. It can be noted that this level of management is the link between the operations of each department and the rest of the organization.
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